Dwelling Place in Traffic


Every day or two, Around This Block will bring you small pictures and factoids of the life around our All Saints’ block, often through one of us telling a little story about ourselves.  I trust the power of stories and am sometimes bored or frightened without a narrative.

This is the view from the desk of the rector’s office of All Saints’ Church looking out the West Peachtree side window, which is how I will spend a lot of my time as interim rector. Please notice that I can only see one square of all that is going on. Everybody has story frames, and there are a gazillion other stories going on outside your frame so everybody has blind spots.  The very hardest reality to see is our own interior world, which is why we need each other so—for the ‘insights’.

18,300 cars on West Peachtree pass by this window every day with an average of 1.2 human beings per vehicle, each cocooned in her own private story. Wrap your head around that. Traffic will be a recurring theme for obvious reasons if you live in Atlanta. Around this block, we actually have our own traffic wise man, Atlanta City planner Tom Weyandt, who is also hilarious.  You will hear from Tom soon.

The bird house in the photo was there my first day back at All Saints’ because a kind woman named Pat Kiley remembered that I loved the bird families in the magnolia outside my window when I was on staff before. All Saints’ block has always been a lovely dwelling kind of place, even in horrible traffic, where swallows find a home and all sorts of people find a nest, too.  Stick with me and you shall see.

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