A Rest Stop from the Mayhem


Okay, shut your eyes and take a guess: Which has more traffic—West Peachtree, Spring Street, or North Avenue? (Note that Ponce is much lighter near us.) Here (thank you, Traffic Wise Man Tom Weyandt) are the average daily traffic counts:

17,200 on Spring Street—18,300 on West Peachtree—34,400 on North Avenue!!

So many, many folks around our block and we have not even started talking about MARTA! Did you guess right?  I had them in reverse order since my travel orientation is north/south, and we tend to think our traffic woes are the most woeful. Whichever way we go, we cannot escape  traffic.

And remember, there are 1.2 persons in each of those vehicles which makes for such an awkward conversational grouping.

When you are in chaos and congestion, sometimes a shady parking lot is all the holy place you need.  Monday afternoon, this email came to staff:

From: Pat Kiley
Sent: Monday, June 06, 2016 1:24 PM
To: All Staff
Subject: yes…

There is a stray hearse in the parking lot. A guy from South Carolina is on a long trip and wanted to stop and stretch his legs, get some food, take a break (for several hours). Felt safer parking here instead of just some random lot.

We have his name and phone number if something comes up and he needs to move it.

Pat Kiley~Assistant to the Rector~All Saints’ Episcopal Church


I hope that driver driver rested in peace, strengthened for his journey. That’s our business around this block.








One thought on “A Rest Stop from the Mayhem

  1. You and Pat are so wonderful What a great story. We welcome all sorts so this person came to the right place. God moves in mysterious ways and guided this person to our holy ground.


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