We Know About Quiet Power


Can you see the hidden power broker?

Here are two of our holiest and  life-givingest quiet power brokers.  They are not in the spotlight. They just give light to the rest of us.


God knew what God was doing when he sent me here. All Saints’ is my other family, my medicine. Marie Louise Muhumuza

Marie Louise and Beth are friends of the deep heart, and they remind me that the power of friendship is at the heart of our block.

Mary Louise Muhumuza is the All Saints’ receptionist. She came from Rwanda in 1994 during that unimaginably horrific civil war. Because of separating journeys through refugee camps, some of her children are in Switzerland and some are in the United States. Many people she loves are still in Rwanda, and sustained communication with them  is quite  difficult.  Her husband was a college professor of French in Rwanda.  In Atlanta,  he bags groceries at Kroger.

Beth Chenault is the assistant organist of All Saints’.  She is from Virginia and is as established in Atlanta, Georgia, USA  as you can get. More from Beth and Mary Louise  later. They know (with compassion)  EVERYTHING!

Friendship matters so profoundly on our block.  Without it, we are nothing but a sounding brass or a tinkling cymbal.



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