The Power of Guy Friendships


Around This Block and across our  country this morning, we are reeling from the worst mass shooting in American history.  A lone gunmen mowed down people having fun in a lively nightclub, and early rumors are that he did this, at least in part, because he saw two guys kissing. This is devastating around this block for LGBT peeps are OUR peeps.

Around This Block, we know we need security.  Yes we do.  And the greatest security of all is friendship.  The four men pictured above—the two Kevins on the left, Randy in blue with the gun, Fred with his arm around Randy— actually are friends. They know each others’ names and some of each others’ stories.

Since almost all mass murders and hate murders are perpetrated by guys, I propose a massive movement of GUYS BEFRIENDING GUYS.  Really!

Around this block, we see the power of guy friendships every, every day.


And shall we mention Jesus who lived into guy friendships (and friendships with women) but he seems to know that guys need more help with friendships?

Wherever you are, if you are a guy, connect with a guy friend today. Or even better, make a new one.

And for our security’s sake and for  God’s sake, everybody, if you sense a guy is going off the rails, let someone in authority know! And if you sense a guy (maybe you) is lonely, reach out.  Befriend. Today. Please.





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