A Sound Man


Here’s Phil …

I grew up near Stone Mountain, the Peters Community. Those people with the hoods on their heads? When I was four, I saw them with my own eyes in my neighborhood. I had no idea why they were there but they were there.

I was the youngest child, and my brothers and sisters helped raise me. We have a close family.  I have nieces and nephews my age.

My schools were 90% white. Me and some other kids—one busload of black kids—would show up every day at Brockett Elementary School in Clarkston, and then I went to Tucker and Lakeside High Schools.

Then I went to Morris Brown. Now that was a new universe. I had been going to white schools, and Morris Brown was almost all African Americans. I liked it but I ended up quitting. My mom was Not happy.

Mom has got my Covenant Community Certificate. And she’s got all my medals and trophies in football and track. I was Team MVP several times, and all my teams won (smiling). My mom just celebrated her 92nd  birthday. She was right there with me. Whether I went this way or that way, she was right there with me all along the way.

Phil Turks handles our sound system on Sunday and is a sexton of All Saints’ Church.  Phil celebrates eighteen years of sound life, dating from his residence in Covenant Community. He is an active member of  Men of Hope, the Covenant Community alumni group.  

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3 thoughts on “A Sound Man

  1. Wonderful to see Phil featured!!! I look for him every Sunday; he never fails with a hug and/or a kind word… And he’s a snappy dresser too! He has been and is one of my AS “rocks.” Thank you, Phil!!!


  2. WOW!!! I’ve known Phil for over 11 yrs and I didn’t know about those childhood experiences. Love you my MOH alumni brother. Ms Martha Sterne ur awesome!!!!


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