Change Happens Around This Block


This is most of the staff of  Covenant Community, the life stabilization residence for sick-of-being-addicted and  once-home-less-but-now-at-home men on our block.

This photo is what real heroes look like.

Big changes are going on.  Three of these core folks are moving on to the next bright and hopeful stages of their lives amidst many blessings and much gratitude.  So while you see these smiles, know there are also some tears.  Change is hard.  Do we know that at Covenant Community?  Yes, we do.

Covenant Community is actually right next to Bright Horizons, our early childhood day care and pre-k center.  Isn’t that twenty-five year old coexistence of a nursery school and a residence for addicts both unexpected and beautiful?  So much learning how to live going on with fragile people—ages six weeks to sixty—all of them changing and growing and eventually moving on to the next season of their lives.

God bless you departing Covenant Community staff—Dr. Debra Dantzler, Sarah Ford, and Joseph Butler. And God bless those who remain to carry on this gorgeous and fraught and frankly miraculous ministry.




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