Our Webmaster’s Thoughts on MARTA

“I am a senior at Georgia State studying Computer Science. I am working towards finding a career in Software Development. In preparation for my career I have begun developing mobile apps.”

DSC_0035 (1)

Tremaine Davis works  with our whole staff, and believe me, this is not a totally tech-savvy crowd.  For the last month, every single one of us have filed into his office hour after hour cleaning up our little sections of the  All Saints’ website.

The guy has the patience of Job.  Sixty thousand people per day pass by All Saints’ on MARTA.  Around this block, we thank God for a strong, quiet young man who gets off at our stop.

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One thought on “Our Webmaster’s Thoughts on MARTA

  1. I agree: MARTA is not only convenient, it offers fascinating glimpses into the worlds of other people from all over. There are people traveling to and from the airport (often here from other countries), and the poorest and richest usually share the same MARTA cars. I live in the woods now in a rural area, but when I come to the city I look forward to trips on MARTA.


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