Talking Walls


Sometimes you walk into the cool and dark of the church, and someone is struggling with  demons.  Or giving thanks.  Or resting. In the summer, people are cooling off.   In the winter, people are warming up.  Very, very quiet. And yet the holiest conversations are going on.  Around this block the walls talk.

resurrectfallequinox at 4pm

This is the Resurrection window which I photographed on the afternoon of the Fall Equinox in 2015.  I needed a little personal resurrection and I have never seen it that lit up before or since.  Timing is everything.

A Wiselady on the block, Pat Kiley, says “You can walk in anytime during the day and see something new and be surprised by something.  On a cloudy day you can see what you can’t see when it’s sunny. Go figure.”


I KNOW THIS.  Sometimes people come in here—strangers to us but certainly not to God—and they are HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE.  The walls talk to them, challenging, comforting and strengthening.

Hanging on to Jesus’ feet at the foot of the cross

Here’s another talking wall, the storefront entrance to  Covenant Community, our residence for recovering addicted men on the Spring Street side of the block. Think of all the sufferers who walk or drive by and wonder if just maybe new life can come to them.

FullSizeRender 5

Around this block, we have talking walls, and not all of them are made by Tiffany.  O, we are the stronger and more fully human by their grace.   Come and see. 

Martha +







3 thoughts on “Talking Walls

  1. Oh so beautiful Martha. I”m learning to look more closely at the meaning and details of wonderful All Saints.


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