Truth-telling by Randy and Kevin


Here’s Kevin

“I love All Saints’. I do. I have a full time job, an apartment though I am looking for a better one on the other side of town, and I work two days a week here. Some days working at the church can be an eye opener because of all the people who don’t have enough of anything and then I see so many people who seem to have everything.

If for one day I could change things around surely it would be for haves to look through the eyes of the have-nots.   Maybe as a people we could get past race, religion, serial preferences  and just be.”

Here’s Randy

“Let me start by saying I love All Saints’. As a police office—I was a training officer—and I taught them this—you always want to treat people the way you would want to be treated if you were on the other side.  Just treat people as humans. Don’t downgrade people. There should never be a racial thing from the white to the black. Everybody should be the same. I wish people could get along – it’s a terrible world right now. People want to kill police.

I would say to people, Peace. At 63, I am just saying we need peace in this world”

Around this block, we have two white male cops and about 25 consistently present black men  – some on the various staffs, some in residence at Covenant Community and some Men of Hope alumni like Kevin who work on our security team. And all of these men – except for newbie Covenant Community people – all of them know each other’s names. And respect the dignity of one another. Around this block, no matter what, kindness is the order of the day. We may not live it fully but we know as Randy the Cop says, do unto otherness as you want it done to youness, is the way, the truth and the life.


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