Do it Today.


Dr. Mary Lynn Morgan, pioneer pediatric dentist and human being extraordinaire, died yesterday, the same day I sent out the Around This Block piece about Ralph McGill, Judge Tuttle, and my father.  She was Ralph McGill’s widow.  Wasn’t she beautiful?  Her eyes were ice blue. She was a looker, figuratively and literally, a gorgeous woman, as you can see in this picture taken in her nineties.  And, too, she was always looking, seeking connection, though for many years she was  just about stone blind.  I am almost positive Ralph McGill deserved her. Here they are on their wedding day.

Screenshot 2016-07-21 07.19.28

I really truly deeply have been meaning to go see her at Canterbury Court.  Not just yesterday but for several months.  Didn’t get there.  I don’t feel guilty—a waste of time and energy—I feel  sad and  unfinished. The bishop laid his hands on my head and ordained me to the priesthood on April 4, 1989, but Mary Lynn and some other people actually ordained me over many, many  years of looking and listening for God together.

Here she is sitting in her room with her beloved Italian friend, Francesca. I took this picture three years ago.

IMG_2906Francesca will be bereft.

Today I will go see Francesca.  Today.  Yes, I will.  Who do you need to call, write, or see?

Do it today.

Martha +




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