Communion with Hellfire Pepper Jelly!?!


For years and years, St. Helena’s and Covenant Community have gotten together on a summer day to make hellfire pepper jelly!  They will put the jars up for sale in the fall and all proceeds go to support projects for the wellbeing of women and children out in this sometimes hellish, fiery world.

The operation is outside because the fumes are CRAZY HOT!! Experience has taught the team that if you get the jalapeno pepper juice on your face, coat yourself with whipped cream and that will cool you down and take away the sting.  I bet somebody’s grandmother told them that, and now the healing is passed around and around.  Isn’t that lovely?

After the work of the morning, everybody enjoys homemade chicken salad sandwiches, chatting and happy and satisfied with the day’s output and the carrying on of the tradition. That’s when I took this picture, while they were clearing the table for the feast.Not everybody stood still to be  in it, but you get the drift.

Around this block, communion happens.  Way past ritual and doctrine, some of our holiest communions are  moveable, malleable, lovable feasts, this time with hot peppers,  whipped cream, chicken salad, and laughter.  Thank you Holy Spirit.



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