Noelle! Noelle! Ultreia et Suseia!!

Baby Noelle, Holly and Marty.  Pretty Adorable!!

So that little candy striped hunka burning love is our Noelle!  She  came into this world on Christmas Eve.  What a gift!!!  I asked her how she got to All Saints’:

“My parents were trying to figure out where to go to church because it turns out that to join the church they had been going to, the governing board had to vote on you. And they didn’t understand that.

Their friend and my future godfather James Marshall had just joined the All Saints’ choir, and he and his former wife Sheryl (my future godmother) loved the church and mentioned a fantastic preacher who turned out to be Barbara Brown Taylor.   We came in 1985 when I was eight, and the next year I was baptized by Barbara.”

bbt n and me
This makes me cry for the joy of all the seasons of life and love that we three have known here at All Saints’ and for the sadness of goodbyes.  I’m not good at goodbyes.  Are you?  You dear Saints are experiencing two HUGE GOODBYES this summer.  So, between Geoffrey and Noelle,  this is a real goodbye season of 31 years of  All Saints priests. How you doing with that?   (We took the photo last week, which lets you know that saints’ goodbyes are NOT forever.)

Noelle has been part of the Saints since she was child and has been an all sorts and conditions of saint in and of herself!!!!  Kathy Roberts was her youth advisor!

Kathy and Noelle having mimosas at the staff going away party.    Time is an ever rolling stream!

Here are a few thanksgivings the staff wrote to God about Noelle:


I thank God for Noelle because she has been a source of support, honesty and unbridled joy in my life (and I think other people’s lives as well). She is in this world being fully human  and someone who has given her life to the work of the priesthood.


I thank God for Noelle because she is fully she!  The role of priest doesn’t change who she is, how she dresses, what she does, how she celebrates life.


She is so incredibly cool, a wonderfully animated story teller—not nearly as introverted as she claims to be.  In fact sometimes I think she might need to ice down her jaws from talking so much! Amazingly fun to work with.  Thanks be to God for a bomb of a priest and colleague!


She has been a source of joy, beauty and truth for me and this church family. She is always clear in her purpose and vision for doing something. 


We have lovingly watched her grow up, and now it’s time for her to leave the nest. Leaving is never easy for those leaving or those left behind.    I trust God in this season of goodbyes.   We watch her go and know she will do great things.


I will always be grateful and a little more at peace knowing that her gifts are being used to the Glory of God.


Once a saint, always a saint.  Go with God beloved Noelle, Kevin, and children!!

Me, I love her because she is the dance.  With every move and word and expression across her face, she dances.  Around this block, we follow the Lord of the Dance. Yes we do. Amen

Martha +







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