“For mercy has a human heart …

Sometimes mercy looks just like strawberry shortcake.

Kristina Armstrong teaches  Covenant Community guys how to find and keep jobs. She is the one slicing the strawberries – enough for a feast.  I have known, respected, loved her for over twenty-five years. She helps people move into employment just like she makes strawberry shortcake—by doing the next little right thing.

Want to see some more human hearts in fine working order?

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The Program Director, the Clinical Director, the Seminarian (although the Seminarian has gone back to Sewanee, I leave him in the slide show because he told me his year with Covenant Community will always be in his heart), the Clinical Counselor, the MD … Strong-Hearted, Real-Hearted.  One is actually named Mercy!  She told me that what keeps her going is to witness how hard the men fight for their lives.

Maybe addiction is the most honest and brutal war of all since recovering addicts know exactly where both the friend and the enemy reside.  (Hint: tap your chest.)



Dr. Debra Danzler, Executive Director, leaves Covenant Community this month after seven years and two days.   She leaves the place stronger than when she found it. She put her heart into the covenant and now she will rest.  Godspeed, Dr. D.

Around this block, the human heart is our very best commodity.  William Blake says it well (though I would translate “Pity” as  “Empathy” for pity parties are not where it’s at).  Instead, deep down, day by day,  we remind each other around this block that we are all really truly deeply human and thus really-truly-deeply-by-the-grace-of-Christ “All Saints.”

For Mercy has a human heart,
Pity a human face,
And Love, the human form divine,
And Peace, the human dress.
Martha +






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