“When I see it, I really see it.”

Betsey literally beams when stuff fits together and everybody is happy.

Betsey Gibbs is a  21st century guru for she is keeper of our membership data base and of all the communities therein.  She also processes our communal financial givings and dispersings, and she produces all the  worship bulletins which are like jigsaw puzzles with pieces that shape-shift.  The synapses in her brain awe me for I have NONE operating in the realms of math and space.

We have found a friendship and a common language through photography as a spiritual practice.  Here’s Betsey describing what I also experience even with my little I-phone camera:

“I studied photography for two years. I would walk around watching life through the view finder and I would see these moments in time. I really wanted to be able to capture that and make a perfect picture moment that will last a lifetime.

And still when I see it I really see it!  I know I have it.

Betsey’s husband’s son is a firefighter and lives near here.

Working in the city it is always go go go go. When I am close to home—this photo is on a back country road between my house and Madison—and see farmlands and the blue sky, it takes me back to the simple things and causes me to slow down and be thankful for the stillness in a life full of crazy traffic.”

This old cabin is also close to home.  See the tiny surprise on the front door.  That got me.

Sometimes to see a little is to see a lot.

(Betsey has the dubious honor of longest commute to/fro All Saints’—an hour and a half on a normal day. Thank God she has moments of beauty here among the Saints,  too!)

The view into our courtyard from Betsey’s window when spring’s coming.

“In the midst of the city to see the seasons change is a gift.

This maple is gonna show off soon

There is a worship song, “All around Creation Calls,” and in the song, people who are un-reached by the scripture gospel, look around and believe because all around us creation calls—in a new born baby’s cry and in the crash of the sea.

And Betsey says she  loves the beach—”one of my happy places.”

I think of that hymn when I’m at the beach. I’m in awe of the majesty of his greatness – the God of the universe who commands the seas loves me – so small and insignificant.


Betsey was standing underneath looking up.

This is a Japanese magnolia right outside our garage door, and every spring it is glorious like that. It’s kind of like the magnolia tree at All Saints’.  Tate (our seven year old) and all the other children gravitate to it because it is a great climbing tree. Our family loves it! Makes me think of my favorite bible verse— Ever since the creation of the world, God’s eternal power and divine nature, invisible though they are, have been understood and seen through the things God has made. (Romans 1.20)

 Thanks Betsey for your quiet, effective back-of-the-shop wizardry here at All Saints’—helping us connect to one another with our lives and our treasure and our worship. And thank you for reminding us that all creation calls and speaks the Word of God’s power and beauty and love.  And yes, when we see it we really see it.

Martha +







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