Pet Blesser Every Day


Around this block, Barbara Blender is a presence— Covenant Community, Adult Formation, Vestry, and a gazillion other ministries.  She is kind and patient.  She gets things done, and she loves goofy-ness. This works out so well for all the Saints – two-footed and four-pawed!

Here’s Barbara:

“Four years ago I left the corporate work I had done most of my life thinking I would enjoy the free time to travel and do volunteer work. But a call from an acquaintance who owns a pet sitting company asking if I could temporarily help out a few hours a week changed all that .It’s 3-1/2 years later and I’ve traded business clothes for jeans and high heels for (of necessity) shoes that can go in the washing machine. What I now do many more than a few hours a week is not a job—it’s a ministry of 4-legged children.

Well, most of them are four legged. Riley  has three because he  was abused and lost his leg. He’s nine months old.


Riley is the sweetest, silliest, full of life puppy ever.   He’d fit right in at All Saints’.

So would Coco who looks like she needs to go to confession. Immediately.

I didn’t do it.


It is such a pleasure to watch their unabashed joy in getting a new toy or seeing something surprising like a big butterfly or getting that beloved treat.”

Tater has a little tennis ball fetish!  It’s all good.


The moment, the moment, the moment, the moment, the moment.  This moment looks like a great one for swimming!

Travis dreams of 2020 Olympics!  He’s a butterfly guy.

“Their joy unquestionably gets passed on to me. Otherwise, I may never have noticed this butterfly or that moment.

Ernie is intensely interested in treats. NOW!

And, like children, of course there is some whining (I want more treats) and some stubbornness (I don’t want to go out in the rain).

Gemma: Seriously?

And yes, there is the dealing with sickness and sometimes even the loss of a pet. Along with the sadness when that happens comes my profound gratitude for having been a small part of an animal’s life.  Here are  Blackie, Chessie, and Freddie who have been my home cats down through the years.  They were my teachers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A few years ago, there is no way in the world I could have imagined myself caring for such a diverse group of loving, thinking, feeling, barking, meowing kids at this stage of my life or any stage of my life.  But God is good—God is a surprise!

Henry is going to surprise his parents tonight by sleeping with them – like it or not!

 Thank  you, Barbara, for reminding us that God is such a surprise, and that new adventures await around every corner if we will just open our hearts and see who comes bouncing, bounding, galumphing, purring, sneaking, prissing, strolling in! 

And don’t forget the Pet Blessing in Ellis Hall, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 9 AT 9:00.  Bring ’em on!

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