The Ministry of the Note

O Blairs, thank you! Isn’t the bride beautiful? Isn’t my hair bad?

Ann Woodall and I were on staff together here at All Saints’ for years.  Ann is hilarious and also deeply gracious though we both had our off-gracious days when I would go to her office and lay down on the sofa and say  “Okay, who’s Bad on Your Nerves Today??” ( The answer was usually Harry! Just kidding, Harry!)

Ann taught me lots of things but the biggest was also the littlest. Small, kind actions mean a lot.  They really, really do. Here’s an example that happened to me this fall.  A man took a few minutes and wrote me an e-mail which just touched me so.  I bet Ann would call this “The Ministry of the Note.” Here’s Mark Blair’s Ministry of the Note to me.  

Dear, Martha,
I hope this finds you well and in joyful spirits.  This past Wednesday was our 25th wedding anniversary and we came down to All Saints for the mid day service.  It seemed fitting to come back to All Saints on this occasion and we enjoyed the service very much.  Imagine our surprise when we inquired about what you were doing these days, only to find out that you were back on an interim basis.  In fact, I think we may have passed you leaving the parking lot as we pulled in.  I am not sure if you remember us from back then, but we wanted to reach out to you and say thank you.  These days it seems not many people make it ten years, let along 25. 
Patty and I have two children now and live in the Cumming area and are members of the Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit.
 I’ve attached a picture that we took Wednesday. 
A marriage well and deeply lived. Thank you Blairs even more. 
As you can tell, after 25 years we haven’t changed a bit.  Ok maybe we changed a good bit.  In any case, we thought you would like to know that it’s been a very blessed 25 years, not always easy, but rather a constant work in progress.  If I remember correctly, you coached us on that point in the marriage classes.  We have enjoyed many wonderful occasions, have lots to be thankful for and pushed our way through the tough times too.   Thank you for your guidance ahead of time!  We will try to come back down again soon to see you in person.  Many blessings to you.
Mark & Patty Blair
married 9/21/91
The Ministry of the Note is so powerful.  Will you consider writing a small, kind email or note today?  For of such small, kind actions is the kingdom of heaven created.   And see you at the Woodall Lecture, Thursday Night! Ann will be there, too!!  And I bet none of us will get on each other’s nerves AT ALL. 
Martha +

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