Gramma Power -Just about NOW, I need it! Do you?

Lisa Bell-Davis is so cool. Gramma would be proud!

I’ve been asking around this block for people to tell me about the strong and life-giving voices in their head.  Lisa Bell-Davis, our communications director, gives us Gramma! And friends, I’m taking Gramma with me every where I go these days! Here’s Lisa:

I learned much from my Gramma, especially not to be afraid of hard work, but probably even more important, to laugh.This is the list of the 10 biggest things my grandmother taught me. I read them at her funeral, and those that knew her nodded yes at every one!

 1. A good ham always makes the best Sunday dinner.

(Gentle Question from Martha: What makes a feast for you?  I’m working on thankfulness for this Thanksgiving. Without gratitude, dearly beloved, it’s all ash. I know this from inside.)

2. Never let international borders stop you from bringing plants and flowers home.

3.  A lot of hard work never killed anyone.

4. If you don’t have a hairnet to wear to bed a pair of clean panties will do. (!?!)

5. The longer you keep moving, the longer you will stay young. (She never told anyone she was older than 39.)

Gramma pretending to “hitch”, probably out in California, visiting my aunt Shirley.   She got around and  she loved a good laugh.

6. If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, then laugh.  

Gramma would have fit right in with Lucy and Ethel!

7. Caviar may look like raspberry jam, but does not taste like raspberry jam.

Brilliant, Gramma! Friends around this block, what are you trying to cook up??  If it is fullness of life,  then use ingredients that will get you there.

8. Whenever possible, travel.

O Gramma! God bless your spirit.  Help us be daring now.

9. There’s no shame in a woman doing a man’s work, except maybe for the man.

Gramma and Grandpa.  Yep. She always kept shoveling.

10. And my grandmother taught me the Lord’s Prayer, as we were laying on our backs together in her bed, with our legs up in the air, bicycling for exercise.”

Gramma was “way cool,” says Lisa.

Anybody who has taken a gander at our Parish Profile, designed by Gramma’s granddaughter, knows the apple did not fall far from the tree.  Strength is truly a pass-it-on, generation to generation commodity. And around this block, we TRULY know that DNA is only one of the ways that strength and zest for life get passed on to the rising generation.  May God bless the Grammas – male and female, old and young, around our block.  And may we each in our own way be a Gramma, too.

Martha +







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